Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lawyers & Lobbyists: When they go bad, they stink

In my blogging at WampaLeaks I came across lawyers and lobbyists willing to twists truths and run circles around rules that the rest of us follow.  They aren't always on one side or another, the proliferation of lawyers behaving badly and lobbyists engaged in ends-justifies-the-means tactics for power or profit seems out of control.

Individuals and organizations on both sides of the political and philosophical spectrum are using the courts, legislative and executive branches from Main Street to Capitol Hill.  The lawyers and lobbyists representing these clients have convinced them to undertake actions which are undermining the very fabric of the democracy which allows them to operate.

Special interest groups seeking power or profit use the law or seek to change it while doing so behind the veil of lawyers and lobbyists - who operate with impunity and do so with a bravado and arrogance once only found with heart and brain surgeons.

With this blawg, I hope to bring a little bedside manner and humility to those who use the law and law-making process for ill means.

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